White Box Testing is the software technique used to check input-output flow and improve design, usability and safety in which software is internally structured, designed and coded. Code is also referred to as Clear Box Testing, Open Box Testing, Transparent Box Testing, Code Based Testing and Glass Box Testing in White Box Testing.

The approach to software testing is one of two parts of the box testing approach. It’s counterpart, which is Blackbox testing, involves external or end-user testing. In the field of software engineering, on the other hand, White box testing relies on the inner functioning of an application.

Due to the search box concept, the term “WhiteBox” was used. The clear box or name of WhiteBox symbolically indicates the ability to see its inner workings through the external shell (or “box”). The “black box” in “Black Box Testing” also symbolizes the fact that the internal functions of the software cannot be seen so that only the end-user experience can be tested.

Verification in White Box Testing?

The white box tests include the checking of the following software code:

  • Internal holes in defense
  • Broken or improperly organized coding paths
  • Flow through the code of some inputs
  • Production expected
  • The functionality of the belt loops
  • Testing of individual statements, objects and functions

Tests may be carried out at software development framework, integration and unit level. One of the fundamental objectives of Whitebox testing is to check an application’s working flow. It involves checking a number of predefined inputs against anticipated or wanted outputs in such a way that you encountered a bug when a particular input does not produce the expected output.

How to perform White Box Testing?

We have split the white box tests into two fundamental phases to give you a simpler description. When checking an application using the evaluation method for the white box, the testers do this:


The first thing that a tester always does is to study and appreciate the application’s source code. As the test of a white box requires checking the internal workings of an application, the tester has to be very expert in the languages of programming used in the applications he tests. The test person must also be very conscious of safe coding. Often, security is one of the main purposes of software testing. The tester must be able to identify safety problems and avoid attacks by hackers and naïve users who may deliberately or unwittingly insert malicious code into the application.


The second fundamental step in testing the white box includes testing the source code of the application for the correct flow and structure. One method is to write more code to validate the source code of the programmed. For each process or series of processes in the application, the tester will create small tests. This procedure allows the tester to have intimate code expertise and is mostly carried out by the developer. Manual checking, testing, error testing and the use of testing techniques are other approaches, as will be discussed further in this article.


Code coverage analysis is a big white box research methodology. Examination of code coverage removes gaps in a suite of test cases. It recognizes programmed areas which are not tested in a number of cases. After identifying the shortcomings, you build test cases to validate untested sections of the code and thus improve software product quality.

Automated software are available to conduct an overview of code coverage. Below are some coverage analytics that a box testing device can use:

Statement Coverage:- Each potential statement in the code is required to be checked at least once in the software engineering test phase.

Branch Coverage:- This technology tests all possibilities of software application route (if else and other conditional loops)

Besides, there are several different forms of coverage, such as condition coverage, multiple condition protection, path coverage, function coverage, etc. Each technique has its own merits and tries (cover) to test all software code components. The statement and branch coverage usually allows you to achieve a sufficient coverage of 80-90% of code.

Important testing techniques are as follows:

  1. Statement Coverage
  2. Decision Coverage
  3. Branch Coverage
  4. Condition Coverage
  5. Multiple condition coverage
  6. State machine coverage
  7. Path coverage
  8. Control Flow testing
  9. Data Flow Testing

White Box Testing Types:

Test Unit: This is usually the first test type performed on an application. On each unit or block of code, unit testing will be done as it is created. The unit is primarily tested by the programmer. As a developer of software, you create a couple of lines of code, a single feature or object and test them before continuing Early in the software development cycle Unit Testing helps to find a majority of bugs. Bugs found are cheaper and easier to repair at this point.

Memory leak testing: memory leaks lead to slower running applications. If you have a slow operation software programme, a QA expert with experience in memory leak detection is key.

Penetration Testing White Box: This test contains complete source code details, comprehensive network information, IP addresses involved and any information from the server on which the programme operates. The objective is to attack the code from various perspectives in order to identify security threats

Mutation Testing of White Box: Mutation testing is also employed to find the best coding methods used to extend a software solution.

White Box Testing Tools

Advantages of White Box Testing:

  • Optimization of code by identifying secret mistakes.
  • Cases can easily be automated for white box testing.
  • The testing of all code paths is more rigorous.
  • Testing can start in SDLC early even when there is no GUI.

Disadvantages of White Box Testing:

  • The testing of white boxes can be very complicated and costly.
  • Developers who normally run white box test cases hate it. The development whitebox testing is not detailed and can lead to faulty production.
  • Whitebox testing includes technical resources, extensive programming and implementation understanding.
  • White-box testing is time-consuming, larger application programming takes time to test it fully.


  • Checking the white box can be very complicated. The sophistication of the programme has something to do with it. A small application performing a single simple procedure can be tested in a matter of days, weeks and even longer to test in full.
  • White box testing should be conducted on a software programme after it has been written and after each amendment.

For more info: https://www.mammoth-ai.com/manual-testing-services/


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