What is Test Documentation?

Test documentation is a set of objects generated prior to or during software testing. It aids the testing team in estimating the amount of testing time required, test coverage, resource monitoring, and execution progress, among other things. It is a comprehensive set of documents that helps you to explain and record test preparation, test design, test execution, and test results.

Why Test Formality?

Testing is often misunderstood by newcomers as ad-hoc execution of different sections of code and verification of the results. However, in the real world, testing is a very systematic process that is meticulously registered. Test documentation allows research preparation, analysis, and execution simple and verifiable.

The formality of a test is determined by a number of factors.

  • Standards adopted by your company for the form of application under test
  • The degree to which the production process has matured.

Testing tasks usually take up 30 to 50 percent of the time spent on a software development project. Documentation aids in identifying improvements to the Test process that can be extended to potential projects.

Best practice to Achieve Test Documentation

  • The QA team should be active from the start of the project to ensure that Test Documentation is produced concurrently.
  • Don’t just build a document and forget about it; keep it up to date as needed.
  • To monitor and track your documents, use version control.
  • Try to write down what you’ll need to understand your job and what you’ll need to deliver to your stakeholders.
  • For documents, you can use a regular template such as an excel sheet or a Word document.
  • Keep all of your project-related documents in one place. Every team member should have access to it for reference and to update it as needed.
  • When making a test paper, another common mistake is not providing enough information.

Advantages of Test Documentation

  • The main goal of test documentation is to either minimize or eliminate all uncertainty about the testing process. Assists you in removing the doubt that sometimes occurs when assigning tasks.
  • Not only does documentation provide a structured approach to software testing, but it also serves as training material for newcomers to the process.
  • Displaying Test Documentation to demonstrate a mature testing process is also a successful marketing and sales technique.
  • Test documentation enables you to provide a high-quality product to your customer under a set of deadlines.
  • Via the configuration document and operator manuals, Test Documentation aids in the configuration or setup of the programming in Software Engineering.

Disadvantages of Test Documentation

  • Since it is time-consuming, the expense of the documentation can outweigh its benefit.
  • It is mostly written by people who are unable to write well or who are unfamiliar with the subject matter.
  • It’s exhausting to keep track of client requests for changes and update corresponding documents.
  • As a result of a dispute between the customer and the organization, poor documentation directly represents the product’s quality.


  • Test documentation is a set of objects generated prior to or during software testing.
  • The degree of formality in a test is determined by 1) the type of application being tested. 2) The organization’s expectations 3) the maturity of the creation process
  • Test policy, Test strategy, Test plan, and Test case are examples of important types of test documents.
  • The QA team should be active from the start of the project to ensure that Test Documentation is produced concurrently.
  • The main goal of test documentation is to either minimize or eliminate all uncertainty about the testing process.
  • Since it is time-consuming, the expense of the documentation can outweigh its benefit.

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