Head of IT & Infrastructure

Ahsan Sajid

From a very early age I was fascinated with technology and all things that computers could do. As I became older, there was no doubt I would spend my career focused on learning, using and creating technology with machines. Having crossed over the 10 year mark with my career in IT, it is clear to all who know me that technology is my passion and I tackle each project with enthusiasm and curiosity. The current state of IT evolution has opened up new vistas of opportunity and challenges and I’m thrilled to be in the middle of solving business problems that technology is uniquely positioned to address.

I have come to a place with Mammoth-AI where I manage all aspects of our organization’s solution ideation, product development, digital initiatives and delivery. I look forward to continued progress of our firm and our ability to leverage technology to support our customers in their quest to realize strategic advantage through technology transformation. If you are challenged with a technology initiative or if I can be of service to your organization.

Please contact me at ahsan.sajid@mammoth-ai.com.

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