Our team support the software systems after launch

  • Cloud, server and application administration, configuration, maintenance and support
  • System monitoring, optimization and reporting
  • Remote troubleshooting and fixing
  • Batching and enhancements
  • Level 2/3 production support (24/7, On-call, Onsite)

Software Maintenance and Support - Broad Classification

In a broader sense, our software maintenance services include:

Ongoing Supports

Bug Fixing, Problems, Analysis & Resolution, and On-Call Support.

Adaptive Enhancements

Modifications To Support Changes in Business or Technical Requirements.

Perfective Upgrades

Adding New Functionality or Features.

Technical Improvements

Optimization Restructuring or Rewriting.

Software Enhancements

Augmentation of software by fixing minor glitches, streamlining certain finer nuances and an overall refinement of the end product.

Regular Upgrades

Aid in upkeep and improvement of software and addition of new features and functionalities.

Real-time Support

Support in constant analysis and problem solving and correcting technical snags.

Technical Modifications

Thorough recoding, remodeling and reconstructing of software upon requirement.

Helpdesk Assistance

Round the clock on-call helpdesk support for any and all disruptions.

KPIs of Our Software Maintenance and Support:

At Mammoth-Ai, you get 24/7 support to keep your business running at any point of the day. Constancy, transparency and efficiency are the main pillars of our software and maintenance and support services.


Our services are extremely flexible in nature and can be easily adaptable to your requirements. Our time slots and payment options are open-ended and up for customization at all times.


Our services guarantee value for money and satisfying return on investment. The software maintenance and support services we provide help you prevent a giant-sized hole in your pocket, which would have otherwise been caused by the expenses of doing it in-house.

Timely Service

Time is of the essence when it comes to software support. Our executives are available round the clock to cater to your 24/7. Answering any queries about the application, fixing of bugs and errors, providing tech assistance and so on are done swiftly.

End-to-end support

The services we provide are comprehensive and all-inclusive, covering head to toe of software maintenance and support. From overseeing source code, fixing glitches and crashes and handling troubleshooting issues to managing testing and release and tech support, we do it all under one roof.

Production Support Services