The distinction between mobile and web features is obvious: they are versions of the same apps tailored for mobile devices and PCs. Yet newcomers can be confused when it comes to web apps and websites.

In reality, things are pretty easy there, too. A website displays text and visual information, while access to more functionality is provided by a web app. Not only can you view and read material, but you also manipulate restricted knowledge. Users pass authentication and some elements of various web pages may be changed.

So, when you use Facebook via a pre-installed software on your device, you deal with the web application. If you pick up a laptop and open a tab on Facebook, you can access the social network via the web application.

The functionality of both applications is therefore almost similar. Because of their specificities, however, the app QA process can flow differently for each platform. In order to understand why, let’s take a closer look at the web and mobile device testing.

Difference Between Mobile and Web Applications:

Therefore, the functionality of both applications is almost identical. However, due to their specificities, for each platform, the app QA process will flow differently. Let’s take a closer look at the site and mobile device research in order to understand why.

Secondly, for more diverse platforms and a wider range of users, mobile apps are intended. On the one side, with various OS models and screen sizes, there are iOS and Android smartphones. Some software, on the other hand, run on devices other than smartphones-tablets, watches, fitness trackers, etc. – one needs a particular functional design and feature adjustment.

Web browsers, meanwhile, are built as “stations” and are not intended to function on the go. Compared to smartphone applications, both the amount of user experiences and the settings where an app functions are lower. When you switch from the web to the smartphone, the scope of testing will thus expand exponentially.

Testing Similarities between Mobile and Web Applications:

The method and methods for testing are the same. You get to know the features, estimate the testing time, assess what to cover by manual testing of software and what to automate, write examples, etc. The same forms of research will be shared for both web and mobile apps.

  1. Compatibility Testing
  2. Functional Testing
  3. Usability Testing
  4. Recovery Testing
  5. Regression Testing
  6. Localization Testing
  7. Performance Testing
  8. GUI Testing

Difference between Mobile and Web Application Testing:

Although types of testing are standard, for each type of app, certain peculiarities make the approach to QA different. The inspection of each device solves numerous technological problems closely related to the basic characteristics of each platform. Most definitely, mobile functionality testing would take more time for QA.

Connection & Connectivity:

Web apps do not function offline. The same law applies to PWAs, but when it comes to native and hybrid software, there’s a gap. Users should still be able to open an app when the data is off and see a no internet link alert. Most often view cached content that can be loaded when the information is on.

It is important to check that when the system connects to Wi-Fi or a cellular network (3/4/5G) and when the connection is broken, a mobile application works correctly. Apps can also give offline access to certain functions, such as interaction with pre-loaded files, cached file use, etc.

For a mobile application, constant connectivity is important, especially if you use its web and mobile versions occasionally. It should be immediate and take a few seconds at most to synchronize through multiple platforms.


We will chat for hours about the newest groundbreaking smartphones. But the fact that many mobile devices only come with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space doesn’t change that. These requirements placed constraints on the efficiency of the operation and app.

Low storage, outdated hardware, and many tabs opened simultaneously can slow down web apps, too. These factors are less harmful. Besides, web apps are modified less frequently, and these updates don’t affect device memory.

Battery Life:

As we mostly use them linked to a power source, this feature is foreign to desktop computers and of low importance for laptops. On a mobile device, low charging will shut down all but key features. Users always pay attention to what drains the battery, and the installation of these applications is not long. So it is important to pay attention to how device resources are used by an application.

User Interaction:

Via mouse clicks and button combinations, all operations with browser-based applications occur. We have a touchpad on laptops as well, but generally, that’s the most varied it gets. We can press, swipe, pull, shake, pinch, use voice commands with mobile apps-a very long list to search. More complications are introduced through device-specific technologies, such as headphones that come with a particular brand.

Conclusion: The techniques used for inspection are not specified by the discrepancies between mobile and web application testing. What makes them unique are the breadth of work and strategic areas concentrated on by QA engineers.

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