What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is automated testing in which experiments are run manually by a QA Analyst. It’s used to find flaws in software that’s still in progress.

In manual testing, the tester examines all of the application’s or software’s critical features. Without the use of any automation software testing tools, software testers perform test cases and produce test reports in this process.

It is a traditional approach for all forms of testing that aids in the discovery of bugs in software systems. To complete the software testing process, it is usually done by an experienced tester.

What is Automation Testing?

Testers write code/test scripts to automate test execution in Automated Software Testing. Testers build test scripts and verify applications using suitable automation tools. The target is to finish testing in a shorter period of time.

Automated testing is based entirely on a pre-scripted test that runs automatically and compares the real results to the predicted ones. This assists the tester in determining whether an application performs as intended.

You can use automated testing to complete routine tasks and regression tests without the need for a human tester. Even though all processes are automated, the development of initial testing scripts necessitates some manual effort.


  • A QA analyst (human) performs manual testing, while a tester (computer) performs automation testing using script, code, and automation tools.
  • Manual testing is ineffective due to the possibility of human error, while automation is dependable due to its code and script-based nature.
  • Manual testing takes a long time, while automation testing is very fast.
  • Manual testing can be done without knowing how to programming, but automation testing cannot be done without knowing how to programming.
  • Random Testing is possible with manual testing, but not with automation testing.

Manual Testing Pros and Cons

Pros of Manual Testing:

  • Receive immediate and precise visual feedback.
  • It is less costly because you do not have to spend money on automation software and processes.
  • The manual aspect still benefits from human judgement and intuition.
  • An automation test would involve coding, which could be time-consuming when testing a minor shift. You could test manually on the fly if you wanted to.

Cons of Manual Testing:

  • Since it is done by a person, it is a less accurate testing tool. As a result, it is susceptible to errors and mistakes at all times.
  • Since the manual testing phase cannot be registered, the manual test cannot be reused.
  • Certain tasks are difficult to perform manually in this testing process, which may require additional time during the software testing phase.

Automated Testing Pros and Cons

Pros of automated testing:

  • When compared to a human tester, automated testing lets you find more bugs.
  • You can have a quick and effective process since the majority of the testing process is automated.
  • It is possible to document the automation process. This helps you to reuse and run the same research operations over and over again.
  • Unlike manual testing, automated testing is carried out using software tools, so it does not type or exhaust the tester.
  • Since it offers fast and reliable testing results, it can easily boost efficiency.
  • Various systems benefit from automated testing.
  • Because of automation testing tools, testing coverage can be expanded. Never forget to check even the smallest unit.

Cons of Automated Testing:

  • It’s difficult to gain insight into visual aspects of your UI including colors, font, sizes, contrast, or button sizes without a human element.
  • Automation testing software can be costly, which can drive up the cost of the testing project.
  • The automation testing tool isn’t fully foolproof yet. Each automation tool has its own set of limitations that restrict the reach of automation.
  • Another big problem in automated testing is debugging the test script. The cost of test maintenance is high.

The Bottom Line

Software testing should be an important part of the production process. When deciding on a research approach, there are several factors to consider. The golden rule in testing is to use as much automated testing as possible. Manual testing is time-consuming and incompatible with today’s agile methods. The advantages of automated testing outweigh those of manual testing. As a result, your business should invest in establishing an automated testing suite. Best of luck!

For more info: https://www.mammoth-ai.com/automation-testing-services/

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